Infinitude Marble Infinitude Marble Infinitude Marble

Infinitude Marble

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Infinitude”, comes from the word infinite, describing how we are pushing our creativity and commitment to sustainability ...to infinity. This collection is all about the recycled materials that decorate this bag and their re-birth, from simple every day items at end of life stage into wearable art. With this line, we want to show that anyone can consciously be fashionable and contribute to a positive impact in more ways than one. Inspired by colors found in nature, our bags evoke a sense of tranquility and true beauty. Be more friendly to environment and grab the new infinite companion piece.

Colour: Marble

Material:5% HDPE Singha Bottle lids and 95% PP Food Container+ 10% HDPE Singha Bottle and 90% PP Food Container

Size: 26 x 15.5cm

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